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berg COMPUTERS  este o companie activa pe piata software din 1991. Activitatea principala a berg COMPUTERS consta in productia si comercializarea aplicatiilor software, dar si oferirea serviciilor de dezvoltare, implementare si mentenanta. Compania se axeaza pe trei directii de dezvoltare:
- Productia si intretinerea aplicatiilor la cheie (solutii ERP, CRM, etc)
- Software la comanda si outsourcing
- Webdesign si aplicatii web
Gama de produse a berg COMPUTERS este completata de serviciile de analiza, implementare, mentenanta si suport.

Zona de activitate:
Anul infiintarii: 1991
Numar angajati: 130 angajati si colaboratori
Categorii ERP, FI/CO, SFA, BI, HR/Sal.
Produse oferite bcManager Professional
Servicii oferite

Software outsourcing
Web design
Analiza de sistem

Referinte Clienti

,,To berg Computers programmers for their dedication in creating a very professional application, investing month of hard work and creative ideas in it. I consider this success as a team success and, looking back to the number of months we collaborated together I found it like an exciting experience that taught me that this company is made by individuals and it depends of every each of us to take the right decision for the well being of our company.
We all own this enterprise regardless hierarchies and seniority. It is our ownership that finally succed to convince..."
Procter and Gamble Balkans

Segmente de piata adresate:
  • Agricultura
  • Alimente
  • Asigurari
  • Auto
  • Bauturi
  • Comert exterior
  • Comert retail
  • Distributie
  • Ferme
  • Financiar
  • Industria Agroalimentară
  • Industria Chimică
  • Industria lemnului
  • Industria Modei
  • Industrie extractiva
  • Logistica
  • Productie complexa
  • Produse de larg consum
  • Servicii
  • Transporturi
Specializari / certificari:

Membru IEEE si ACM
IBM - World Partner
Membru ARIES Timisoara
Certificare Microsoft

Persoana de contact:
Solicita oferta